The Catbread Returns

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27 January 1988

His daughter is twenty years of snow, falling,
She's twenty years of strangers looking into each other's eyes
She is twenty years of clean

She never truly hated anyone or anything
Twenty years of clean
She's a dying breed

She says, 'I'd prefer the moss'
I prefer the mouth
A baby of the swamps
A baby of the south
I'm twenty years of clean
I've never truly hated anyone or anything
Twenty years of clean

But I've got to get me out of here
This place is full of dirty old men
And the navigators with their mappy maps
And moldy heads and pissing on sugar cubes
While you stare at your books

And the words float out like holograms
They say, feel the waltz, feel the waltz
Come on, baby, baby, now feel the waltz

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I like bows. And looking like a space cadet.
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